We want to be as transparent as possible about how we're working and what our goals are. Here is some information about what we're doing at Berm.


Our goal with Berm is to provide a platform for artists, writers, and creators, upcoming and established, and to showcase a broad and diverse view of contemporary art and design.


Berm is currently funded through a mixture of donations through Patreon and self-funding, but we are looking towards grants, sponsorships, and advertising to reduce our personal out-of-pocket costs.

We're estimating the fourth issue will cost about $3,200.00 to produce.


Below are our 2023 rates. Our goal is to reach W.A.G.E. minimums. You can find past year's rates here.

New Artwork $157.50 per page
Short Written Piece (up to 400 words) $150.00 ($0.375/word at 400 words)
Medium Piece (600-800 words) $300.00 ($0.375/word at 800 words)
Long Piece (800-1000 words) $375.00 ($0.375/word at 1000 words)

Previous Issue Breakdowns

You can find breakdowns of our previous issues, with details on what worked and what didn't, here.